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This cute raggedy mom is dress in a Blue calico dress with Burgundy trim around edge of her skirt. Her legs are made of a Burgundy striped calico. She has on Ivory Calico Bloomers. Her face is adorable with a cute triangle Burgundy Calico Nose, two black seed eyes and cute blushed cheeks. Her hair is a red floss with a Blue Calico bow. Her tag reads, Mom's Love.

Her baby girl is dressed in a Burgundy calico dress trimmed with the Blue Calico around the bottom edge. Her legs are made of burgundy striped calico. Her face is the same as her adorable mom.

Her baby boy is dressed with a checked plaid shirt. His pants are a striped homespun and his legs are the Burgundy striped calico. He also as the same adorable face and hair of mom, but his has a paper boat hat.

A real cute gift to give your Mom.